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"We build strong houses, You will build strong communities"
About Company

Hande Costruction

We believe in more than just building houses; we're dedicated to fostering strong communities. With our commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, we lay the foundation for resilient homes that serve as pillars for vibrant and thriving neighborhoods. Together, we create spaces where families can flourish, bonds can be forged, and communities can thrive.

Company Overview

 Established in 2000, Hande Construction has been dedicated to delivering top-notch construction solutions.
With a focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we have earned a reputation a leading construction company in the region

Our Mission

To build homes that resonate with comfort, elegance, and functionality while maintaining environmental sustainability.

Our Team

Our experienced and skilled team members, emphasizing their commitment to excellence and customer service.


Our Achievements

Award certificate for excellence
80+ Bungalows Construction
Built 12+ apartments
Built 4+ temples
Eco friendly construction and proximity to nature
Why Choose Us

Reason For Choosing Us

Quality Craftsmanship

Exquisite workmanship for lasting durability

Experience and Expertise

Leading in construction with excellence and legacy of 24+ years

Transparent Communication

Open and honest client interaction. No hidden policies and hidden charges.

Customer Satisfaction

Prioritizing client needs for excellence

Timely Delivery

We are known for punctual project completion with precision.


Recognized for industry-leading standards

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Nagesh Hande

Builder & Contractor

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Our History

Superior Services and Products

Side view of a 1BHK flat at DSN Heights, Sawarde
2001 - 2024

Our Most Efficient Year

In year 2023 our company experienced unparalleled efficiency and success. It marked a milestone year characterized by streamlined processes, optimized workflows, and exceptional outcomes. With innovative strategies and dedicated teamwork, we achieved our goals with unmatched efficiency, setting new standards for excellence in our industry.

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